meene + deene
michael barthel, daniela fromberg & stefan roigk

at brennerei zernikow
18th of june - 17th of july 2022
[objects, video-soundinstallations]


beyond the wall by daniela fromberg & stefan roigk

the proximity of urban living often awakens our detective curiosity as to what banal event might have caused a certain mysterious sound from the neighbour's flat. unfortunately, the mysterious origins behind the wall usually remain hidden from us and, above all, we ourselves are not only the audience in this collective soundscape, but also the performer at the same time: leaning against the wall scratches, the washing machine drones, the heating roars, chairs are moved, the shower water splashes through shafts and downpipes ... the resonating walls of the flat reveal the actual proximity, although they suggest a separation.
daniela fromberg & stefan roigk construct large listening booths out of cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard. the cardboard separees for 1-2 people offer an immersive listening experience with an unusual amount of privacy. the composition is transmitted to the walk-in listening sculptures as multi-channel playback by means of sound converters. the audience can move freely around the room or sit in the booths for intensive listening.


michael barthel

collects and collects and collects and collects and collects and collects, ... Instead of throwing things away or leaving them lying around, they are always attributed a present and a future in addition to the past they carry within them, which are arranged into installative ensembles of worked and unworked objects.


Daniela Fromberg's

works are about surfaces - concretely as moulded shells as well as abstractly as projected role images. Through form-giving experiments, she helps "poor" materials or used objects to take on a new life of their own in a quick impulse. Originally conditioned by the scarcity of personal resources, her nomadic appropriations of space emerge from relatively worthless, accessible everyday materials, incorporating sound, film, photography and performance.


Stefan Roigk

carries out the intermedial interweaving of sound collage, sculpture, musical graphics and text-sound composition. Noise as an artistic-aesthetic field of research forms the starting point as well as the central medium of his works. His artistic focus is on the staging of context-related fragments of everyday life, which he condenses into narrative-like spatial compositions.